Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh You Piddly Thing

I promised to talk about the things I don’t relish doing, but I must come clean and admit that it’s a short list. I honestly can’t think of a food related chore that I find a …well, a chore. I love the process of making my way through the perpetual to- do list, simultaneously crossing things off and adding new ones. For example, here is my current list…
– cornichon chips, parsnip ” gnocchi”, peasant bread, clarify butter, peppermint patties, inventory, beef cheek salsiccia, clean smelts, mustard, develop new carrots, edible wrappers, ginger refreshers, chocolate bordeaux sauce, spinach galettes, rabbit bundles, cherry jelly, braise duck breasts, tobacco ice cream, solid salad & consomme, pork belly pizza, fingerling chips, chevre, olive dust–
Whew, I need a nap! I can’t say there is one thing on that list that I don’t enjoy. Some take minutes, some hours, and some the better part of a day. Some take a fair amount of thought and focus ( another espresso, please), others are simply piddly and allow my mind to wander as far away as it wants. ( Isn’t piddly a great word? So is gobsmacked. Even better–gobsmackingly piddly!)
There are days when I look forward to a long tedious job, ie: making sausages. If I’m mentally working on a new dish, trying to tweak the components, I can always get my answers before the last sausage is stuffed. I just realized that not only is Charcuterie good for the soul, it provides an opportunity to unleash one’s imagination and creativity. I’ve had some of my greatest ideas/inspirations while making rillettes, salamis, confits, etc.
OK, I just realized there is one thing I truly dislike doing… cleaning up after myself. I’m not the type to clean as I go… hmmm, public therapy? After many hours of prep I’ll suddenly look around the kitchen and gasp! What were you doing man, you couldn’t have washed those bowls after you dirtied them? Maybe I’ll add that to my list?
Mean while, back to the list…………..
Tastefully yours,